Primal Blueprint Fitness

  1. Move Frequently: Combine structured aerobic workouts at 55-75% max heart rate with assorted efforts to increase general everyday movement.
  2. Lift Heavy Things: Brief, intense, full-body functional exercises.  2x/week for 30 minutes.  Primal Essential Movements (pushups, pullups, squats, planks) or other structured session (CrossFit, gym machines, etc.).
  3. Sprint: Every 7-10 days, when 100% energized.  All out efforts of 10-20 seconds with full rest between.  Low-impact options if necessary (bike, cardio machine, etc.).
  4. Strategy:  Vary workout type, frequency, and duration — be spontaneous, intuitive, playful!  Avoid chronic workout pattern (unrelenting stress, insufficient rest).  Transition gradually to increased barefoot time in daily life and workouts.

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