Primal Blueprint Certified Expert #64

Last week I was elated to complete the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification program!  I felt empowered – as if I was ready to take on all life’s challenges.  I imagined all the amazing changes in my health and vitality yet to come from following this lifestyle, all the bonds I’d make within the primal community, all the support I’m ready to receive and give.  I’ve been practically walking on air all week, eagerly awaiting the certificate in the mail – anxious to display it proudly in a selfie!

Then the questions hit me – what should I blog about?  What voice should I write in?  Do I even have anything of value to contribute?  Dare I even contemplate my long-term goals?  I was nearly overwhelmed with the pressure of trying to figure it all out now.  But then, I stopped to reflect on what I really wanted to accomplish {without worrying about the outcome} and knew that it simply was to experience life-long vitality and share that experience with others.  I believe there’s value in one person’s story, especially when it’s combined with another and then another and so on until there is a sea change in beliefs, attitudes and practices.

I’m committed to following a primal lifestyle and sharing my primal directive in a straightforward way, with the hope of benefiting the primal community in some small way.

Live long – drop dead!

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